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Top 10 Things You Need To Know About GST

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About GST

Goods and Service Tax or GST, in short, is a boon to businesses. Indian tax system is very complex and has different direct and indirect tax deductions for various products and services. Hence, understanding the tax structure for your small business used to be complicated and very difficult to implement. Now and then, there would be a change in the structure due to volatile components like service tax making the traditional taxation process more intricate.

Imagine an entrepreneur who has just started a business. In addition to the businesses processes, they would also have the additional burden of filing taxes before the deadline, understanding tax credits, and payment procedures entirely to run a compliant business. However, with the traditional taxation structure, there is a lot of scope for mistakes, or rather blunders, which a tax auditor would not agree to look past. This might result in serious legal implications and hamper the business mostly.

GST has simplified the entire taxation process for small businesses and ensures that the structure is easy to understand and implement. There are not many variations in the tax structure for different businesses, which further simplifies the process. So, confused about the things that you need to know? Keep reading.

1. Will my tax burden go down?

GST will have a definite impact on the cascading of tax. That is, the tax will not be levied on a produced well at every stage of its transfer till it reaches the end consumer. This would drastically bring down the tax burden. The input credit can only be demanded in case it matches with the billing statement of the respective suppliers in between.

“Tax will not be levied on a produced well at every stage of its transfer till it reaches the end consumer.”

2. What about my compliance procedures?

GST registration process is aimed at bringing down the burden of compliance on small businesses. However, since the procedure is new and contrasting to what has been followed for these many years, you would require a more stringent compliance procedure to ensure a smooth transition.

3. Will it become more tedious?

It is worth noting that the traditional taxation procedures required you to file for VAT, service tax and all other returns separately, as the input mechanism are different for each tax. However, in GST, you only need to input your purchase and sale details, the GSTN would automatically match invoices for claiming input credits, and the returns and prepared accordingly. Once this process is completed, there is no further requirement to file anything else on a monthly basis.

4. Knowing all the GST rate slabs

At present, there are four proposed tax slabs that you need to know which ranges from 0% to 28%. The first one is the special categories of goods and services which would include all the luxury goods like precious metals and falls in the 28% tax slab. The second category is that of standard goods and services which have a 12%-18% tax slab. The third category is that of goods of mass consumption like oil, tea, and spices with a tax rate of 5%. Grains like rice and wheat, and other essential products and goods are exempted from tax, and there is a proposed cess charge on sin products like cigarettes, aerated drinks, luxury cars, and tobacco which is over and above the 28% levied on standard goods.

5. How do I pay

Once you do the GST registration online you can start filing the returns through GSTN and the tax is calculated based on your liability through sales bills. The valid tax input credits also get adjusted automatically. The amount can then be paid online.

6. How will this system impact my working capital?

One of the points to be kept in mind here is that, while there is no cascading of tax, the working capital requirement would increase significantly in case your supplier or customer is non-compliant with regards to tax filings.

7.  GST returns

This is to be prepared based on your invoices for the stipulated period of return filing. You have to upload the relevant bills, sales register, and other relevant information which would be required to authenticate your returns.

8. Matching credit inputs

You have a period of two months to match your credit inputs post which you will have to revoke all unmatched credits. You can work with your vendors and suppliers for any return which doesn’t get matched after which the final tax return would be prepared and tax liability would get discharged.

9. What should I know about GST compliance?

Ensuring GST compliance is an essential thing after online GST registration. The best way to start is to ensure that all your transactions are recorded in the system and is reportable. One of the inevitable GST registration requirements for small businesses would be to have a technology-aided solution to enable them to be compliant. Such a system can effectively capture and record all the transactions and minimize any loss of records or invoices.

10. What is the most important thing I need to know about GST?

You need to be wary about two types of invoice namely the tax invoice and bill of supply to ensure GST compliance. You can issue an invoice for goods any time before the delivery of the product and for service, you can do so within 30 days of supply of the service. In the case of non-taxable supplies, you are not required to issue a separate bill of supply if you have already issued a VAT invoice. Also, issuing invoices is not essential for a small tax-payer who does a large number of transactions below 200 unless specifically requested by the customer.


In Conclusion

Online GST registration has become compulsory for every business person in India with an annual supply turnover of over 25lakhs. This is inclusive of all kinds of legal entities like proprietorship, LLP, partnership, company, society and any other related profit making body. The registration has to be completed within a month of exceeding the annual supply turnover limit. The entire GST registration process is seamless, transparent, straightforward, and is an absolute necessity for all businesses.

“The entire GST registration process is seamless, transparent, straightforward, and is an absolute necessity for all businesses.”


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Top HR Tools and Technologies Every Small Business Needs

Top HR Tools and Technologies Every Small Business Needs

In today’s competitive scenario the need to incorporate top HR tools and technologies has gained a lot of prominence’s. Meanwhile, it is becoming extremely important to look for new tools which not only help in coping with the market demand but also show ways to improve the existing practices. Especially, for businesses handling jobs like HR and accounting on their own is exceedingly tough and an expensive proposition too. In circumstances like these, looking for tools to help in handling HR tasks like talent sourcing, tracking, decision making, retention and payroll become the need of the day.

Mentioned below are 6 essential HR tech tools which every business must use they want to simplify their HR operations.

  • CV searching tools

Gone are the days of looking for talent through traditional CV or head hunters. It’s time for a change and if you also want to hire the best talent for your team then a customization talent search HR tool is the answer. Since small businesses are always short of finding the time to accomplish tasks like these, using CV search tools provides you with an automatic and effortless filtering of profiles. This ensures that hiring managers and business owners get access to the most relevant candidates and the most irrelevant ones are eliminated at the first stage of recruitment itself. However, an outsourced recruitment agency services can also be helpful and help in implementing these top HR tools & technologies for you. 

  • Top HR Tools & Technologies for Salary comparison 

Even if your business is just starting or you may only be growing your team as of now, still it is wise to keep yourself abreast with the latest salary trends in your respective industry. While submitting their salary drawn gives the job seekers a chance to review average salaries for that position. For the companies, it means being able to offer a competitive package to the deserving candidates. Also, using these new recruiting tools gives you a fair idea of whether you are offering packages way below or above the expected market rate. Analyze and compare salaries, positions or entire pay structures using detailed data reports and know where exactly the changes need to be brought. You can also hire a recruiting tools sourcing firm to handle this responsibility for you.

HR Tools

image source:In-recruiting
  • Dedicated web page

You may want to hire the best talent but the truth is that even job seekers look for a company’s details before applying for a position. In case, they do not see anything worthwhile in your website they may just not consider you a potential employer. Therefore, your company website becomes an important tool not only for sourcing appreciative talent but also for establishing a strong employer brand name. For HR professionals using HR technology tools, having a detailed company profile is an important way to showcase the brand values, ethics, mission, updates and the latest job vacancies. Job seekers then look for ways to connect with your brand and keep themselves updated on the latest job offerings.

  • Top HR Tools & Technologies for Hiring 

While earlier all decisions pertaining to hiring were the responsibility of the top management. Now the trend seems to be shifting towards involving other team members in the entire process. There are top HR tools available where recruiters share the CV received, job openings and the salary expectations with their other team members. This model does not only encourage employee satisfaction but also helps you get suggestions and referrals getting which otherwise would have been a challenge. Creating timely and accurate reports and updates not only for the upper management but also for the investors and team member’s is potentially helpful in making absolutely accurate hiring decisions. In case you are tied up on other responsibilities, consulting a recruitment outsourcing firm can help in reducing your burdens. 

  • Organizing virtual fairs  

Exhibitions, public events, career fairs, and panel discussions are essential elements for a business to grow. But sometimes they become an expense difficult to handle. In such situations, these fairs tend to be time-consuming and a burden to the business in terms of manpower and resources. However, human resource management and technology comes to the play here once again where virtual fairs can be conducted from the comfort of your office. These virtual fairs help you in conducting any professional event for your customers without worrying you about location barriers. Apart from that, you can also conduct job fairs virtually and even induct the best talent by answering their queries and let them know what your company has to offer them. With the help of these top HR Tools & Technologies, you even get to measure the performance of your event.


HR Tools

image source:Staffing Management Association of New Jersey – SHRM1024 × 768 
  • Collaboration tools

Finally, the collaboration tools can be aptly used to become your company’s heartbeat as you can easily use them to influence your hiring decisions. Technology has made a deep impact on how we work and that reflects clearly in the way we communicate and interact with each other. These simple tools are extremely easy to adapt to and can be wisely used to bring ideas and people together for the smooth implementation of the same. While you have tools for HR department, project management, internal communication, and task management the same can also be used appropriately for facilitating the hiring process. However, selection of the most appropriate collaboration HR tools right for your company requires a lot of research. To get an idea of the top HR techniques, you can also contact a reputed outsource’r who can guide you better in getting these tasks of HR done in time.

Apart from the above you even have recruiting tools and techniques to handle your payroll, benefits management, and employee feedback. Choose wisely when deciding to pick one for your business. It is critical that you have ample knowledge of these top HR tools and techniques before you implement them in your daily working. If necessary, take the help of a professional HR outsourcing firm to handle these responsibilities for you. It is advisable to understand the hottest trends in HR technology before foraying into the same.

Know More

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What To Expect When You Hire 360° Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency In Pune & Mumbai

What To Expect When You Hire 360° Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency In Pune & Mumbai

Should you expect the immediate results?

Should you have an in-house digital marketing team  or choose to outsource?

Is it better to hire multiple specialists or one agency to cover your digital marketing needs?

Offering some practical steps that you can take when choosing to outsource digital marketing agency to ensure that your expectations and targets are met.

Outputs Are Surefire But Not Outcomes

It is hard to predict where your site ranking will reach in a year’s time. The same can be said for content marketers,, social marketers etc.  The predicted outcomes are usually nothing but a calculated guess. Hiring an outsourcing online marketing agency will help you to expand your brand’s reach online.



Image result for social media digital marketing agency

image source:http://www.a3rdigital.com

If you are working with an experienced digital marketing company pune, the results are pretty sure, taking your brand to the next level. One of the best thing you can do, is ask your digital marketing agency to explain what aspects of their proposal are based on speculation, and what is and isn’t guaranteed.

Replace several unknowns for e.g. web traffic estimates and  revenue estimates, conversion rates with real numbers, and be conservative. Better to be pleasantly surprised than unpleasantly surprised. Once you witness your strategies are working, you are able to forecast and expect desired results.

What Results Should You Expect When You Hire 360° Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency has an expertise, experienced, expert team with knowledgeable skills and resources to manage your marketing campaigns. What to expect????


#1. You Are Investing In Proven Success      Image result for proven success icon

Outsourcing your social media tasks to a professional and experienced digital marketing agency  can reduce your costs. You get value for money services when you are choosing to outsource digital marketing – you hire the resources you need, when you need them, from a marketing agency with a proven track record.


#2. It Helps You To Expand Your Marketing Reach       Image result for expand icon  

A digital marketing firm has professional relationships with media, PR, ad agencies and others that benefit your marketing campaigns. A social media marketing agency has had successes and challenges with different types of marketing strategies, and you benefit from their experiences.

#3. It Gives Space To Your Business To Grow         Image result for grow business icon

Scalability is a key advantage of outsourcing as you’ll be able to get work done whenever you need it. This degree of flexibility allows your in-house employees to focus on the core activities of the business while also giving you more control over your marketing budget. Instead of investing in a lengthy recruitment campaign, you’ll be able to rely on a team of qualified digital marketing experts who will know how to strategically manage your business’ marketing to ensure growth and longevity.

#4. You Are Offered Best Of The Worlds- Key Competencies And Skills   Related image

Digital Marketing requires constant up-gradation. With  Google coming up new guidelines every two months, it requires expert knowledge and skills to leverage and get results. Let the team focus on your business – that’s what they are best at.Outsource digital marketing to a highly specialized digital marketing team and let your staff focus on what is important.

#5. Gaining New Perspectives – More Business More Revenue    Image result for more revenue rupees icon

You inhouse team is inherently limited, hence the reason their efforts will be better utilised by having them focus on core business operations. However, it’s also good to get some fresh ideas and outsourcing your digital marketing functions to a professional agency will help in gaining external perspectives which can give invaluable insights into the latest trends in the marketplace. You might know your business best, but there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

Summing It Up

For most startups and small businesses today, outsourcing social media marketing and digital marketing make sense on many levels. It might still take some time to find the most suitable digital marketing agency for your particular needs, but the minimal financial commitment compared to hiring a full time marketing employee or department undoubtedly makes it worth the risk.


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5 Digital Marketing Outsourcing Firms Shortlisted in India For Small Businesses

5 Digital Marketing Outsourcing Firms Shortlisted in India For Small Businesses

Year 2015 continues to be a golden era for digital marketing agencies. Brands are responding to the consumer demands and investing heavily in their online presence. The rapid growth of online investment and increased visibility of advertising platforms means digital marketing services roles have rapidly evolved.

Digital Marketing Company.png

image source: qucento.com

The process of hiring an outsourcing marketing firm should be the same.

  • Know this; the biggest agencies are not the best
  • If they rank for SEO, they have got to be good at  SEO
  • If possible, find an agency that is specialized in your niche
  • Pay attention to what they do, and not what they say
  • Don’t buy into link networks
  • Check for references

We have some good news for you!!!

If you’ve been searching for the top digital marketing companies for small businesses in India, you’d be glad to know that SME Network has got new, all-encompassing list of Best Digital Marketing Companies for small businesses.

RSsquarz Enterprise Solutions  RS Squarz -Pune

Since its inception, in the year 2015, RSSquarz has been providing strategic insights in their own business domain on what lies ahead and how they should stand up in this wave of digital disruption. RSSquarz has a unique blend of Gen X and Gen Y employees. The expertise of Gen Y and energy of Gen X resources synergies to give us best outcomes.

Their specialties are: Website designing, Website development, Mobile apps, Digital marketing, Custom enterprise solution and Web app development.

Digital marketing strategized

Image result

image source:contentfirst.com

Meet the core team of RS Squarz

Swapnil Shinde is Managing Director at RS Squarz. He provided a pipeline of hundreds of deals through investment partners. Managed implementation of marketing within the company to engage, track and execute deals
Established massive networking opportunities for firm to raise capital, source deals and find debt placement through personal relationships around the world.

Nimish Jain is a Business Developer at RS Squarz. His responsibilities includes maintaining deepened ties with current clients through relationship building strategie. Increased business with new clients by creating customized marketing plans based on market data. Created the local company’s Facebook page in accordance with national headquarter guidelines

Aditya Pathak is a Digital marketing expert at RS Squarz. His responsibilities include like forging relationships with potential clients in order to integrate partner products. Lead the execution of brand digital campaigns, strategies and advertising programs. Create and implement paid search display and re-marketing campaigns for customers. Work with marketing team to plan and deploy digital media projects.

RSS Squarz offers specialized services:

Digital Marketing

RS Squarz digital marketing services include:

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to make it easy for search engines to find your website so it achieves prominent keyword rankings on Google, AOL, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN, Ask, etc. Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing , Affiliate Marketing , Link Building & Popularity , Internet Marketing , PPC Management , SEO Content Writing , SEO Consultation
  • Email marketing:Email provides you the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales & Keep in contact with your customers and potential clienteles.
  • Social media marketing:A set of services which enhance the usability of your site using integration with social tools and application; improve site likability; allow easy sharing of site content on popular social sites; increase visibility on custom and niche search engines; easy tracking of updates on your website; encouraging discussions on your site and a whole lot more.

Mobile app development

mobile app

  • Android app development
  • iPhone app development
  • iPad app development
  • Cross platform app development

Working with RS Squarz you get:

  • An experienced Android Development team
  • Time Bound Delivery of Projects
  • Bug Free Development

Website design

corporate website design

  • CMS Based Website Development: They work with third party CMS Software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others.
  •  Website Maintenance : A Well updated website attracts more visitors and also helps to gather repeat visitors. The secret of successful digital strategy is that the website requires constant updates, revision of content and latest blogs from that industry.
  • Website Redesign : If your current website is not generating the leads/sales you should really thing of redesigning your website. We assist you in understanding why there is requirement for redesigning your website.

The redesigned website service will have features like:

  • Fast loading of home page
  • Clear Navigation
  • Compatible to all resolutions and browsers
  • SEO Friendly


BRANDUP  BrandUp- Pune

Founded in the year 2011, Brandup is an SEO and digital marketing agency based out of Pune working for a global clientele. They have spent 6 glorious years serving more than 40 clients, including a handful of startups and growing entities for SEO and digital marketing. They have 99% success track record in all the works they did. Brandup can help any business to get found on Google, which should be the  first priority for any enterprise. Be it a startup or a settled brand, all need footfalls.

Their specialties are: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Branding Strategies, Search Engine Marketing, Digital PR, Startup Marketing

Meet BrandUp core team

Shiv Singh is a Founder of BrandUp. His knowledge in terms marketing, SEO and targeting prospecting audiences are truly appreciable. His performance as a marketing executive was always appreciated by the client. He is a perfect mixture of a professional with vast knowledge in Marketing and Finance.

Vatsal Sharma is a National VP of Brand Up. Good at Public Speaking and Writing; he possess leadership qualities with a flair for problem solving. He has a good experience in leadership positions and have done justice to those posts.

Brand Up specializes in:

Digital Marketing 

  • Brandup helps to improve unique and recurring sales. Organic and inorganic marketing can be deployed to improve sales and marketing.
  • Digital marketing backed by strong analytics and data can make your sales and marketing efforts stronger. Their each of every marketing campaign, be it Facebook adverts or search engine optimization, is driven by analytics and that is what makes any campaign perfect.
  •  Brandup can help any business to get found on Google, which should be the first priority for any enterprise. Be it a startup or a settled brand, all need footfalls.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Best followed Google recommended SEO practices to ensure top ranking for your pages, On-page and off-page SEO, Content optimization, Technical SEO, Linking strategies, etc.

Social Media Marketing

  • Researched content planning & creatives, Communication with users, Promotion in various groups, Facebook adverts, Target groups marketing and blogging sharing.


Collaborating Minds  Collaborating Minds- New Delhi

Since its inception in 2009, Collaborating Minds’ is an Internet visibility optimization company that provides niche content, web designing, application development, software development, optimized content writing, and Internet marketing services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Their team of skilled, experienced copywriters can create content showcasing products and services that you offer using their expertise. They provide Search Engine Optimization which ranks well on search engines without compromising readability or quality.

Meet the core team of Collaborating Minds

Pinky Verma is Digital Marketing head at Collaborating Minds. She is highly self-motivated and goal-oriented professional committed to pursuing a long-term career in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With 8+ years track record (in SEO and SEM, Adwords) demonstrating strong analytical and problem solving skills and ability to follow through with projects.

Parminder Kaur is a Head business development with Collaborating Minds. With over 11 years of experience; her responsibilities include; Identification & Development of existing as well as new clients in infrastructure sector. Preparation of presentation and brochures for end to end client meetings. Preparation of Expression of interests and proposals for various public and private clients. Maintain a database of all prospective and existing clients. Identify partners for strategic alliances / joint ventures

Collaborating Minds specializes in:

Digital Marketing

  • Display network
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay per click
  • Content strategy
  • Email marketing

Website designing

Web design takes care of much more. It includes designing user interface, adding proprietary software, codes, authoring the content and even adapting for SEO. In other words, it ensures that your website is not just seen, but also works optimally.

Collaborating Minds gives you:

  • Visual impact
  • Easy navigation
  • Aiding SEO
  • Better user experience

Gzest MediaGzest Media – Mumbai

Founded in the year 2015, GZest Media is 360 degree dedicated digital media agency. They make websites, create apps, engage online audience, hold conversations, build brands, and a lot more. With innovation and integration as our core, our goal is to flourish a brand’s online reputation and presence. They are bunch of young individuals who have fun during the work, because we believe with a lot of fun come great ideas which shake out great work which in turn benefits their clients.

Their specialties are

Website development, Desktop Application, SEO, Social Media marketing, Designing, Mobile Application Development

Meet the core team of Gzest Media

Umang Goyani is a Co-founder at Gzest Media. He is brilliant at Brand development, Business Development, Designing, Desktop Application Strategy, Website Designing.

Hardik Goyani is a Co-founder at Gzest Media. He is good at business development as well as desktop applications and Android app development.

Gzest Media specializes in:

Digital Marketing services

  • The digital marketing solutions tap into the reach aspect of the digital medium and leverage activities from managing paid digital advertising campaigns, media buying, social media distribution and sharing, search engine optimization.
  • Email nurturing campaigns and web analytics to ensure every action and element of the overall effort is measured, reported and re-hashed to improve results.
  • Based on the goals, timelines and budgets, we work with you to propose the most effective channels and drive the execution aspect of each effort.
  • Whether you want to reach out to people, create awareness, improve visitor flow or turn your website into a lead generation machine which brings your customers to you, the digital marketing services can be fine tuned, customized

Website Development

  • A good business idea without a good website is nothing but a treasure without a map.
  • They ideate, design & deliver iconic products and services that improve your brand experiences.
  • Taking a holistic approach towards building a brand’s identity, they take pleasure in delivering great work which will benefit their clients

Website Designing

  • Pixels to inches to feet, they adapt ourselves in any resolution or size to create a masterpiece and taking designing to another level
  • From creating an eye catching logo to a spectacular web design and keeping up to great design standards on social media is what makes them the best in the business.

Mobile app development

  • Big screens have been replaced by compact devices. Your customer habits are changing and so should your approach.
  • 2015 statistics say that 8/10 people install a new mobile app every day and their team of expertise makes sure your app is one of them. From designing to functionality and making it viral, Gzest Media will do it for you.


Digimerc Solutions  DigiMerc Solutions – Pune, Navi Mumbai, Gurgaon, Aurangabad & Jaipur

Founded in the year 2016, Digimerc Solutions has a clear vision about the science behind what makes something shareable and have smart way to implement a digital media strategy. They are not that large, but filled with people experienced by their knowledge and not by age. They are a fast growing team of young, passionate and quick digital marketing professionals, ready to swiftly take on any number challenge brought to us. They are an innovation obsessed group of people that crafts wonders for our clients.

Their specialties are: Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Development, Online Reputation Management, Marketing Solutions

Meet the team of Digimerc Solutions:

Saurabh Agarwal is a Business Development professional at Digimerc Solutions. He is a passionate individual with an always open to learning attitude. Like to explore new realms of my competitiveness extensively. Always open to new learning specially in Technology and Marketing domain.

Digimerc Solution specializes in 

Digital marketing

Digimerc solutions recommend doing SEO for minimum 3 to 6 months before seeing the impact. And they also recommend other digital marketing activities should be done in parallel.

  • Website SEO Assessment.
  • Complete keyword analysis.
  • Ranking your site in organic ranking for your website on Google Search.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • On-page Optimization.
  • Off-page Optimization.
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Content marketing

  • Digimerc create engaging content, use consumer insights to connect with your customers, build your brand & drive commerce.
  • They research before they set out to create content that hits the nail on the head. That’s when they spread it and they do it just at the right places.
  • When whosoever reads your content and says – “This was written specifically for me!”. Trust them; your content has won the battle for your product or services because they are very well aware of the fact that Google only loves your content, when everyone else loves your first.

Web development

  • They have young coding heads and the designers to make intuitive, connecting, engaging and user friendly sites for your brand. Be it a HTML or PHP or wordpress based site, database driven E-commerce website or Corporate site or any other type of website for that matter, we convey easy to understand and deliver result oriented search friendly websites.
  • Website design & website content matters a lot as it speaks about your business culture, services or products. Their expert developers and designers give a complete balance of matter and design for a perfect website designing and development as they are well versed with how content precedes design and design in the absence of content is not design, its decoration

SME Networks have shortlisted “Digital Marketing Outsourcing Companies” as a reference; as they found to be employing well- qualified professionals and these companies comes equipped with top preference.

The details provided will only be used to update you regularly with details of our services.


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How A Digital Marketing Consulting Firm Can Improve Your ROI Efficiency

How A Digital Marketing Consulting Firm Can Improve Your ROI Efficiency


Let’s be honest. Buyers are changing, they are more educated and more self-reliant than ever. Digital marketers require getting more personal and must show their presence wherever their customers are. They must deliver more relevant and helpful content. Digital Marketing Consultancy’s roles are changing – they are doing more with less.

ROI – “Return on Investment” It is still an ALIEN term for many businesses and do not have the slightest idea how much important it is when it comes to increase business.

Return on Investment is what every businessman wants from a Digital marketing consulting agency. It is an easy thing to calculate if you are doing PPC advertising.

Digital marketing consulting firm that provide SEO services have traditionally reported ROI in a variety of ways. The most common approach to SEO ROI has been search engine ranking. If a company can get a client to perform well in organic SERPs, often times focusing on a handful of short-tail keywords, then they’ve done their job. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly SEO ROI. Instead, it’s a trophy that may not be worth anything at all.

The Anatomy Of True ROI

True ROI involves driving targeted traffic from SERPs, irrespective of how long or the short keyword tail is. It also includes targeted referral traffic. Targeted traffic means that accomplishes the goals and purpose of the website. That could be any of the following:

  • Registration
  • Subscriptions
  • Purchases
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Community involvement
  • Repeat traffic

What’s tricky about reporting ROI is that you have to connect the links that have been built with referral traffic from websites and search engines, and then connect that data with conversion results. Although Google Analytic can help connect the dots, it’s still difficult to sync, analyze and report on that data.

Each ROI reports should focus on and report the following key elements:

  • Conversions related to the campaign
  • Overall increase in conversions over time
  • Conversions related to search engine traffic
  • Overall increase in search engine traffic
  • Overall increase in unique users and traffic

Why Digital Marketing Consulting Firm- What Is In For Me?

Digital marketing automation improves efficiency and allows marketers to deliver the personal, relevant and timely content that improves the buyer’s experience.


Increased ROI- At the end of the day, it is all about SALES. If a marketing initiative in unable to increase sales, provide qualified leads least offers brand awareness it’s value begins to fade. Digital Marketing firm offer excellent results and provide your business with high ROI.

How Digital Marketing Firm Involves In A Campaign To Improve Your ROI?

When running a digital marketing campaign for you, they are typically quite a few moving parts that makes or break the campaign especially when they are designed to improve ROI:

They include things in their campaign like:

  • Click cost
  • Click through rate
  • Creatives
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Lead cost
  • Average customer value
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Conversion%
  • Earnings per click

50% of the small businesses in India see improved sales from Social Media- All thanks to Digital Marketing Consulting firms in India.

As ROI has become more important there is a clear line to measuring sales impact. This number increased from 43% last year, which makes sense with an increase in measurement. There were several correlations to the ability to attribute sales impact.

“More than half of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least 3 years report it has helped them improve sales. More than half who spend 6 or more hours per week find the same results and 74% of those who spend 40+ hours earn new business through their efforts. Conversely, 50% of all marketers taking this survey report social media has not helped them improve sales. This may be because they lack the needed tools to track sales.”

How Digital Marketing Consultancy Firm Helps Improve ROI?

The first stage to generating sales is to increase leads. The good news is that it looks like at least 6 hours per week is the magic number to start seeing results. For companies of any size this seems like a palatable number.


As little as 6 hours on social media per week can result in an increase in leads…

By spending as little as 6 hours per week, 67% of businesses see the prime benefits by hiring digital marketing consulting firm. Another interesting findings behind getting successful ROI derived by digital marketing consulting agencies are:

  • 83% of marketers say they have integrated social media into traditional marketing up from 79%.
  • 43% of marketers now have a mobile optimized blog up from 28%.
  • 94% of marketers are using Facebook.
  • Only 43% of marketers feel like their Facebook marketing is working. Most don’t know or feel that Facebook isn’t working.
  • Facebook is the most important platform for B2C marketers 68% while LinkedIn is the most important for B2B marketers (33%).
  • 68% of marketers plan to increase their use of blogging. The first time since 2010 that blogging has topped the charts.
  • 90% of marketers who use paid social media buy ads on Facebook.

There are some really interesting stats that give you a clear perspective of where digital marketing consulting agencies’s heads are when it comes to social. It also includes break downs of the differences for B2C and B2B marketers, which helps to align it to your company’s plans based on your audience.

Apart from the above mentioned insights, there are few more tactics that these Digital Marketing Consulting firms apply when it comes to improving ROI such as:

  • Moving from backcasting to forecasting
  • Run ROI Scenarios
  • Prioritize Measurements
  • Make marketing more measurable
  • Assess incremental conversions and value
  • Understanding where the pay off stops
  • Factors playing in your favor that increases value of your brand
  • Getting involved with the analysis
  • Lastly, experiment frequently

Continuous Improvement By A Digital Marketing Firm 

Measurements of marketing initiatives show ROI results ranging from very negative to levels in excess of 1000%. While it is important to generate positive ROI levels above a required threshold, it is even more important to constantly support the process of measuring and improving ROI. This discipline of constantly improving effectiveness builds confidence and credibility that marketing can deliver results for the organization.


Improved ROI is very much important in today’s marketplace since it is the primary thing that would deliver the results – or you could find yourself betting on a wrong horse.

Expert Guidance From “Trusted Vendors”

When it comes to finding a right “Digital Marketing Firm” business owners especially small businesses are finding it hard to locate one. Googling to find a digital marketing consulting firm will land you with multiple results, rather than why not go with the “Trusted Vendors” that are known for offering enhanced ROI results.

Nebula Tech is a full service digital marketing consulting company that is known for offering innovative solutions, providing 360 degree digital marketing products and services.

Their esteem client list includes names like Raymond, Aditya Birla Group, Future Group, Pantaloons, Pigeon, Gilma, T24.

Amongst other Digital marketing consulting firm names, there are other remarkable names like Webzol, Contify, Midas Touch offers the most trusted service when it comes to improving ROI for your business.

Contify has the most comprehensive sourcing methodology. Their platform processes information from high-caliber sources on the Internet making for the most exhaustive repository of insights on topics, competitors, or business terms. It provides the most advanced and powerful analysis tools that dramatically improve reporting. The platform supports a wide range of data visualization options like bar graphs, pie charts, time lines, trend graphs, world map, etc.

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5 Good Reasons Why Small Businesses Of India Should Hire Digital Marketing Consulting Services

5 Good Reasons Why Small Businesses Of India Should Hire Digital Marketing Consulting Services


How important is design in today content marketing strategy.png

Image Source: Bannersnack

Why we have to hire a digital marketing consulting services and do it ourselves? With the digital landscape constantly adjusting and agencies having to roll with the changes, companies suffer from resource issues, inadequate tools, un-perfected processes and other issues internal preventing them from properly executing the strategies they wish to either test or perfect.

The greatest athletes have a lot in common – they hire nutritionists, Doctors, agility specialists, coaches, and other resources to help them achieve greatness. Hiring a digital marketing agency can absolutely help you ramp up quicker, execute faster, and produce amazing results that can’t be matched internally. Hiring an agency should help your company achieve digital marketing greatness.


Image Source: Suneel Grover, Author at SAS Blogs

India is emerging as a digital outsourcing hub for diverse services including online advertising, social media and website design, they say.

“With both businesses and consumers increasingly shifting their focus to the digital medium, there will be 1.5 lakh’s jobs available by 2016,” Manipal Global Education Services Executive President V. Sivaramakrishnan said.

Companies needs to stay up to date on digital marketing especially, small businesses in India. Having everyday web presence matters more to your customers.  Even though you have efficiently managed to run social media and routine newsletters, you know it well that your business needs more than this. Problem is being start-up owner, you already doing multi-tasking and detailed digital marketing seems to be not your cup of tea. Now WHAT????

Ever considered the option of hiring a digital marketing consulting service provider? No, well it is the right time to take the leap.

Being a small business owner, you are busy multiplying your profit and there is no extensive budget for digital marketing consulting. No worries to this question. There are numerous service providers that are expert and knowledgeable in offering cost effective consulting service for your business.

But the question comes to your mind again – why my start-up business needs digital marketing consulting services? Here are 5 good reasons that will enlighten you that it is a time you should hire digital marketing consulting service provider:

Because You Soon Realize That You Don’t Have The Skills

It is puzzling when an intelligent and talented entrepreneur sheepishly admits that they don’t have the marketing skills. That’s completely fine!!! There is no such rule that a business owner should be a “JACK IN ALL” types.  You might be PRO in other field than marketing which is absolutely fine. A  good digital marketing consulting service provider will help you enhance your marketing skills.

Because Your Sales Are Stagnant

If you know there is a market for your product and service, and you’re confident that your customer service, sales team and pricing are stellar, the problem with lagging sales could well be ineffective marketing.  One easy way to tell? Many marketing agencies offer a free brief consultation. Take a couple of them up on it.

These digital marketing agency will take a look at where you are going wrong and will offers some suggestions for improvement.  When you see your sales pouring in, soon you will realize that your marketing efforts were not going in the correct direction.

Randstad India CEO Moorthy Uppaluri says there has been a huge proliferation of technology that has changed the way companies engage with their clients and employees. “Hence, the focus of companies to enter new digital channels of engagement is driving up the demand for digital (marketing) professionals,” Uppaluri said.

Because The Sales Department Is Complaining About “No Good Lead”

No doubt your sales people are hard working and putting more than 100%, but still they are not able to come with good, quality leads. A good digital marketing consulting agency will learn about your sales process and strategies and integrate their marketing skills with your sales team. They will refine and adjust your marketing strategies to get real results.

Because You Are Wondering Which Strategies Are “Hit Or Miss”

One day you suddenly experience an increase in web traffic , new leads, phone calls and the second day its any other day, struggling to get your sales back on track, no good leads and feeling miserable. For any start-up business owner it is very frustrating to come to a conclusion which marketing strategy is working and which is not.

If you feel that this is another waste of time of your effective marketing, it is a substantial reason to hire a digital marketing consulting service provider. How are your marketing efforts contributing to leads, website traffic and sales is the question that you are not able to answer to then let a digital marketing consulting agency answer it for you.

Because There Is No Enough Budget To Hire A “Digital Marketing Team” 

Hiring an inbound marketing specialist, a content producer, editor, social media manager, PPC specialist, and graphic designer is expensive. Even if that is out of reach for your smaller business, when you hire a digital marketing consulting agency, you can still get the benefits of all that experience and all those skills – for about the cost of one employee.

Digital Marketing Consulting Agencies Are More Efficient and Require Less Overhead Costs:

There is a lot of competition out there- How will your customers/clients will find you? Contify is a leading digital marketing consulting service provider company that enable small businesses to better leverage large swaths of information and the Internet.

Founded as a content syndication business in the year 2009. The core of our business is built around making actionable ‘business information’ accessible to people who can benefit from it. They launched with content syndication and scaled it rapidly in the first two years.

Contify wins the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award in the Competitive Intelligence category in the year 2015.

Some of Contify’s media coverage readings

Creative Chord Designs is one of the best digital marketing companies and have been working as a credible partner for the clients like Brainz Rainbow, Forte Grand Restaurant Bar & Banquets, Apollo Tyres, Cargill, Methodex.

Some testimonials…..

“Creative chords has not only designed a beautiful website, the designer understood exactly what i wanted and has implemented it perfectly. All the technical part has also been looked into with great efficiency. There was no need for followup from my side as the team on its own was very prompt and quick all through the interaction . Creative chord- thank you for making the process of getting a website made, so easy and so quick”. — Inder Singh — New Delhi.  zeenyjhelumi.com

“The team at Creativechord Designs is hardworking, responsive and professional. Would definitely work with them again!!!” — Toby Wall — UK.

“Website Job was executed at our liking, numerous changes and modifications where rapidly attended. Definitely work with Creativechord Designs on future jobs!” — Ammit Jack — Romania

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5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales By 20%


The recent tweet that made quite a stir in digital media industry, “28% of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing“. 
This signals an important shift away from the old-school way of marketing towards more non-traditional online channels. Strategy changes based on results are much easier to put into action, businesses are able to stretch money further when digital marketing is working effectively, and marketers are confident that online options give them a higher ROI and a boost in sales.

With the emerging trends of Digital Marketing, it is forecasted that small businesses of India can increase their returns by 20% in the coming years. 

Every business knows they need to market, but the trick is knowing how to split a marketing budget between traditional and online marketing—then allocate the online portion among various channels. To make the most of your money, shoot for where your target market hangs out online or where your competition has a strong presence. The best strategy is to try something, track results, then tweak your strategy to maximize ROI.

Digital marketing is no longer about merely adding online channels to the media mix. It is more about integrating digital into all facets of marketing, and that’s what digital marketing strategies do.

We have the drive and ambition to build incredible products or services and we want to tell everyone everything about it. We need to realize that it’s not about us but about entertaining them.

Below are 5 digital marketing strategies that are influencing less-is-more in digital marketing and have potentials to boost sales by 20%.

Apple’s Minimalism Movement Wins – Set Precedent

The standard has been set in terms of design, product and messaging. The combination of boldness and simplicity has changed the digital marketing game forever. The most successful and iconic brands of the day — Apple, Uber, Nike, Google— all market using bold strategies that say very little.

Their success is due to creating massive channels of advocates. As well as their ability to brand an instantly recognizable image or slogan that instills particular values and warrants a calculable response.

Get Your Advocates To Spread Message By Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies

In the current world of “shares”, “follows” and “likes”, build the content that you want to send to your friends, post to the followers and connect with them emotionally. Say it quickly and say it well. Content has to be exciting and it has to stand on its own legs so it can essentially market itself. Remarkable content speaks for itself and creates peer-to-peer endorsements.

Make your message something meaningful so people feel the urge to spread it. From there, sit back and watch as the digital marketing ecosystem works itself.

Get Into Info Fast- Right Now By Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies

We want our information fast: a picture is worth a thousand words, a video could very well be worth a thousand sales. When a user is looking at the new websites or marketing, 90% of what they see is endless noise. We fall into a habit of throwing so many words at the audience, and very little of which make a genuine impact.

Poorly marketed information nets minimal attention. Marketers must get to the point as soon as humanly possible through highly relevant and deliberate diction. Spread through the right channels, the right content is the difference maker and can create an astounding impact, even with just a few words.

Another Smart Digital Marketing Strategy – Mobile….And Just Mobile

Mobile dominates, but that line is so utterly cliche, Digital Marketing states it differently. The importance of mobile search, mobile optimization, mobile conversions, and mobile ubiquity cannot be overstated. Mobile devices and our collective addiction to them are fixtures of the modern marketing era.

The blog is not about bragging about the importance of mobile. Instead, the intent is to remind you that mobile is the method of the masses, and should, therefore, be a priority of the marketers.

Digital Marketing Strategies Is About Social Conversion That Is Taking A Leap

Enough has been said about the power of social networks. Not quite enough as been said about the importance of social conversions. For e-commerce and lead generation sites, social provides a growing opportunity to improve conversion rates and gain new conversion channels.

Why Do My Business Needs Digital Marketing Strategies?

Most small business owners make the costly mistake of spending their marketing budget in areas that fail to produce the results they are looking for. A well-planned and seamlessly executed digital marketing strategies is the key to helping businesses like yours succeed in today’s competitive market.

How “Trusted Vendors” Helps You?

Digital marketing strategies are typically multifaceted, solving for specific digital marketing challenges while building ongoing client capabilities. In addition to defining new roles and responsibilities and helping develop employees’ skills, we address technology infrastructure issues and identify potential partners. These “Trusted Vendors” work with clients primarily in three core areas:

  • Harnessing digital marketing to transform business effectiveness
  • Optimizing the customer experience across channels
  • Developing and helping implement new growth models


Image Courtesy:gowebbaby.com

Get To Boost Your Sales By 20%? – Try Recommended Resources:

At SME Joinup, we believe that our “Trusted Vendors” are the best when it comes to implementing digital marketing strategies.- The names includes Innoserve, Cliff Tech Digital, Optimization Systems, Chanakya Niti Business Catalysts helps accelerates your ability to capture the potential of bigger market share thus rewarding your business with 20% boost in sales.

These vendors are advanced analytic practitioners have deep expertise in data, approaches, proprietary tools, client industries, and best practices for organizational transformation. Not just digital marketing strategies, the vendors also delivers cost effective digital marketing consulting services, promotions, customer life-cycle management, and assortment-optimization programs across retail, consumer goods, banking, insurance, telecom, media, and health-care organizations.

Image courtesy:boomerang.com


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