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Payroll Outsourcing Services And Payroll on Cloud – Know The Difference

Payroll Outsourcing Services And Payroll on Cloud – Know The Difference

Earlier; there was a pre-mindset that Payroll outsourcing services is just one part of the process and that would be a costly affair. Security of data, too, was a major concern back then, with companies feeling in-house processing was much safer and also gave them options to alter processes whenever there was a need to. Before the advent of newer technologies and better capital management systems, companies of all sizes deemed payroll processing to be an in-house function.

In-house payroll processing was considered the best utility option because it essentially completed the whole cycle, from hiring employees to releasing them. The companies had the flexibility of changing the structure and system, while also customizing their reports.

Payroll outsourcing services were considered clunky, and moreover, costly. Companies felt there was a lack of flexibility and processing payroll in-house would lead to better efficiency. Today, all of these concerns are no longer valid. The rapid advancement of technology has made it easy for companies to adapt to with cloud payroll, filling a gap that was long left empty.

Technology has become a big part of the picture, present in every function carried out by your business today. Cloud computing has made it possible for companies to streamline their processes, much quicker than before. Payroll is a critical function for every business out there, which is why you need to choose the best option in front of you.

Cloud is simply outsourcing in a new manifestation, disrupting every industry piece by piece. Unlike the traditional outsourcing industry, cloud computing is newer, with many entrants still learning the capabilities this industry has to offer. There can be seen a paradigm shift, with many features now being deployed over cloud a… READ MORE


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Top 10 Payroll Services and Payroll Software in India

Top 10 Payroll Services and Payroll Software in India

Payroll services that are outsourced is an act of delegating payroll administration to a third party having expertise in payroll processes. Generally, companies outsource their payroll functions to cut costs, and to get better services and to ensure smooth and error free monthly payroll cycle.
Payroll services are the most outsourced function in the business world. Titans like Ceridian, Automatic Data Processing Inc., Paychex have been responsible for cutting the paycheck for businesses large and small for many years.
Now that small and medium-sized enterprises have increasingly wrested market share from big corporations, large payroll companies have had to adapt their services to meet the needs of these smaller clients. Simultaneously, technology advances have led to viable payroll software solutions, and vendors have scrambled to meet the needs of SMBs who feel underserved by the payroll behemoths.
Can the payroll service providers meet the specialized needs of today’s small and midsize businesses? Will it be wise to outsource payroll services Or bringing payroll back in-house and using specialized Payroll software the best route for SMBs? SME Joinup breaks down both options to help you choose what is best for your business.
According to the recent survey by Small Business Taxation Survey, the businesses handling payroll internally, nearly one in four reports spending more than six hours per month on payroll. That’s at least 72 hours per year—nearly two full workweeks.
It is to assume that the hourly cost for internal payroll staff to be $36, these 72 hours translate into $2,592 per year. So the businesses doing it themselves are spending their own man-hours on the payroll, while those who outsource believe it’s worth paying someone else to…
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How To Get Rid of Payroll Stress From Your Business ?

How To Get Rid of Payroll Stress From Your Business ?

Human resources are important to the success of any business. As an owner of a small business, you know that people are your most important asset. But unlike large organizations, most small businesses do not enjoy the privilege of an HR department to handle administrative tasks such as payroll. This lays a big burden on the limited resources and adds to mounting risks and costs.

Here are some ways you can help take the stress out of payroll:

Reduce payroll-related cost

As a small business owner, you’re constantly on the look-out for avenues to maximize your investments. But unwanted costs in the form of non-compliance can affect the health of your business. ADP survey shows that organizations across the APAC pay up to $1.24 million as a penalty for non-compliance. Apart from these there are other costs of running payroll and HR systems in-house such as labour costs of staff working to keep payroll systems running on time and ongoing IT maintenance fees.

Investing in a reliable payroll solution can help growing businesses avoid a considerable cost. With the right payroll software, payroll processing can be made cheaper, more efficient and far more reliable.

Reduce payroll-related risk

Most small businesses do not have the budget capable of supporting the outcome of a crisis and continued business operations. This makes it important for small business owners to follow best practices to avoid risk. But the pressures of running a fast evolving business sometimes mean that these best practices are not adhered to.

ADP’s research finds that 37% of company data is left sitting in Excel or similar types of databases. This increases the risk of a probable misuse of data or a software crash could mean your employees not getting paid on time. Also, if the resource handling the complex spreadsheet system leaves the organization, it would be a payroll nightmare on your hands. Mistakes caused by using manual methods of payroll cost companies almost 1% to 8% of their total payroll. Payroll on cloud is accessible anytime and anywhere which helps you stay on top of your administrative tasks while not spending a lot of time doing them. It also ensures that no data loss occurs for any reason. 

Boost business growth with the right payroll provider

Most growing businesses operate in a highly competitive environment. This makes it important for small business owners to choose their tasks wisely and concentrate on strategic activities that would promote growth. By using the right technology, you can free up your time to focus on what matters.

A survey of small businesses by the Manchester Business School found that 88% of cloud users experienced cost savings and 56% found that cloud services helped them to boost profits which is a perfect recipe for growth. Moreover, cloud software grows with you – you don’t have to continually upgrade your software as your company grows.

Relieve your workforce from payroll stress

According to Gallup, companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%. The right employees are critical to the growth of your business. It is important that these employees are engaged in the right way. Since most operations are not automated in small businesses, they tend to employ more senior people to do administrative tasks.

Also as small businesses typically do not have the budgets to maintain large teams, there could be a risk of few people taking care of multiple tasks thus increasing the possibility of getting payroll wrong through human error. By removing payroll from your small band of employees’ job responsibility, you can make better use of their talent and free up their time to operate on people core job roles. This not only boosts performance and job satisfaction but also gives you the reassurance that your payroll is always up to date thanks to your reliable payroll partner.

Become more competitive with the right payroll software

Most small businesses which invest in a payroll software find that the benefits can go way beyond cost. Old, inflexible internal systems and processes can limit your competitiveness. A payroll provider can provide strategic value to your business, and makes you more competitive, with –

  • Predictable and scalable fees
  • Zero maintenance and infrastructure costs
  • Up-to-date compliance knowledge
  • Clear overall payroll costs
  • Single, easy to use, cloud-based platform

The best payroll provider knows your business inside out and has the right payroll solution that complements your business growth. ADP Vista HCMSM is one such solution which can give you tremendous benefits while protecting your business from errors stemming from lack of knowledge or visibility. Invest in the right technology today to build the business of your dreams.

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How Cloud Payroll Can Help You Save Time In Your Small Business?

How Cloud Payroll Can Help You Save Time In Your Small Business?

If you run a small business, you must be well aware that time is your most valuable asset. According to an e-Voice survey, 53% of small business owners say that the most difficult part of running a small business is having to cover multiple jobs and not finding enough time to get everything done. The same survey also quotes that of the many roles that a small business owner handles, keeping a track of accounts and payroll is enjoyed the least. Luckily administrative tasks such as payroll can be automated today with the help of a reliable software thus making a business owner’s life easier.

Cloud based software can be your answer to a low-cost and efficient payroll processing.

#1. Pay your employees in three simple steps with the right Cloud payroll solution

When on the lookout for Cloud payroll software, business owners should consider factors such as simplicity and ease of use. Manually updating your system with all of your employees’ database and running a software with an elaborate set of instructions on a monthly basis can be cumbersome. Choose a software which can best aid your business but not at the cost of your time. Essentially look for a software which can help you run your payroll in three simple steps – Upload payroll data, Process it and Make payment.

A flexible solution which comes pre-configured with all of your employees’ data will further enhance the ease of use. Another important consideration is to make sure that setup support is available to you.

The right guidance can help you transition faster from your current payroll system to a cloud platform. A payroll provider which can promptly address all your queries with a strict adherence to SLA should be considered. Seek out a provider which can give real time assistance via a web help-desk which will ensure optimal business-continuity with regards to payroll.

#2. Stay up to date with tax changes and avoid unwanted costs

Do you spend a lot of time working through changes in payroll compliance on your own? The right payroll software can help you stay up to date on changing payroll laws and tax rates. Choose a solution which is supported by industry experts which makes it easy to track, develop and implement any new changes in payroll related legislations. The good news is there are several reliable cloud payroll software available today with built-in tax liabilities and which are updated real-time with tax changes thus leaving business administrators stress-free.

#3. Increase employee ownership and save time through self-service portal

Most reliable payroll solutions give your employees the freedom to access their data at any point of time through an employee self-service portal. Employee portals allow employees to keep a track of their payroll history. They help cut down on redundancies and save a lot time from answering repetitive employee payroll queries. Moreover, it can also help you let go of all the manual paperwork and filings. Intuitive dashboards and reporting provide the right visibility to employees to answer their payroll questions on their own.

#4. Save time through better human resource management

Most payroll solutions also offer additional HR modules. An integrated HR module such as a Leave Management System can help you configure leave rules and policies. It also helps you streamline processes which in-turn makes tracking your employees’ leaves easy. These modules also come with in-built automatic workflow notifications which can help you stay on top of your employees’ day to day activities. All these features invariably help you in saving a lot of your productive time.

#5. Cloud Payroll Software: A valuable investment

To a small business owner who is juggling multiple roles on a daily basis, time is a precious commodity. To make the most of the time on your hands, invest in an automated cloud payroll software. ADP Vista HCMSM is one such software which can help you stay up-to-date on your payroll tasks while bringing down your administrative burden considerably. With several innovative features such as an adaptable payroll management platform, dynamic dashboards, effective leave management system, and easy to use self-service portal, this software can help address your monthly payroll challenges effectively.
As a small business owner, you give a lot to keep a business moving. Today, gift yourself a cloud payroll solution that can help you get back to doing what you do best – building your business.



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Should Payroll Management be Outsourced or Kept In-House?

Should Payroll Management be Outsourced or Kept In-House?

Payroll stays an integral part of any business operation. No matter how big or small a company is, payroll happens to be one of the key business activity. And as more and more companies are outsourcing payroll function, the question arises whether to keep payroll an in-house function or involve a third party.

Need of payroll management outsourcing for small businesses

Payroll management administration had always been internally handled by the companies, especially small businesses. But this is not the case anymore. Small companies are gradually realizing that payroll processing is a function that requires expertise. The technological advances, software updates and statutory requirements can be very demanding in terms of time and money.

Payroll management services cover a spectrum of activities including salary and wages calculation, withholding of taxes, distribution of withheld funds to respective government agencies and direct deposit of in-hand salaries into the bank accounts of employees. These tedious and routine functions can keep any business owner or his key employees occupied while they could better have worked on more important revenue-generating or sales-enhancing activities. While saving time, outsourcing payroll services can help cut cost and ensure accurate tax calculations. Payroll companies can offer HR payroll solutions that help to improve a company’s human capital management and benefits.

In a recent survey conducted by Actionable Research-1, nearly 75 percent of CPA’s (Certified Public Accountant) who serve small businesses felt that their clients do not have the necessary expertise to handle the demands of payroll processing. And 68 percent suggested their clients’ time would be better spent working on the many other demands of their businesses.

Payroll management consultants, who had been serving corporate until recently, have been getting requirements from SMEs. Looking at the potential opportunity, many big and small payroll outsourcing firms are now offering customized payroll services for small businesses.

It has become much easier for small and medium-sized companies to leverage benefits of outsourced payroll.

So your small business should keep payroll in-house or outsource?

The case of outsourcing is stronger than ever. Several small companies have already outsourced their payroll function completely or partially. With payroll management services giving wide options to business owners, outsourcing is turning out to be a win-win situation for SMEs.

Small business owners tend to wear too many hats at the same time. But as the business grows this becomes more and more impossible. The processes start becoming more and more complex. This is the time when small businesses should consider the advantages of outsourcing.

Whether you are a start-up or have a considerable strength of employees, you can get benefited immensely from customized and value based payroll solutions being provided in the market. The cost that you spend on hiring payroll professionals, getting required software, regular updated versions of software, technical support, maintaining and securing database – You can instead invest this money on your revenue generation!

Other than being cost-effective, payroll management outsourcing will offer you following advantages –

1) Better Productivity

Outsourcing payroll for SME can save their time, efforts and costs incurred on carrying out payroll operations in-house. They offer customized solutions for different businesses, for instance, some provide the choice of flexible savings accounts or retirement accounts, while some offer specific tax saving proposals and insurance payments. Thus efficiently managing payroll with better productivity.

2) Zero Penalties During Tax Processing

Inappropriate payroll management could lead to inaccurate tax filing resulting in tax penalties. Outsourcing payroll processing services to professionals can save you these hassles and ensure accurate payroll processing. The best part is that third party payroll companies provide tax guarantee benefits, which means if they file or make payments late, it will be they who will be held responsible for covering the cost of penalties.

3) Most Advanced Technology

A constant question for small business owners is whether they have the latest version of their payroll software and the most recent tax tables installed on their computer. You can easily avoid such problematic situation by letting a payroll outsourcing company to take care of it. They use the latest software programs for payroll processing and tax computation for minimizing errors and delays. Also your employee data stays protected through an authorized control panel that you can access anytime.

4) Financial Reporting

Payroll system outsourcing comes with added benefit of having all your payroll related reports ready on time, effortlessly and effectively. Payroll outsourcing firms provide reports such as summaries on earning statements, time sheets, expenses, payroll by departments and several other useful reports.


Tapping into the benefits of payroll outsourcing can prove highly beneficial for your business. When looking out for an outsource partner make sure it is someone who is professional and reliable. An expert payroll solution provider like Paysquare can be your trustworthy partner. They are one of the most preferred payroll outsourcing company in the market, with an exclusive focus on payroll outsourcing. What makes Paysquare the number one choice is its ability to consistently ensure accuracy in payroll processing across its engagements.

Paysquare’s client portfolio encompasses reputed names such as ITC, Kirloskar, Fiat, Atlas Copco, Johnson Control, Hitachi Consulting, Kimberly-Clark, Marico, Coca Cola and JCB.

Paysquare is the specialist in the area of end to end payroll outsourcing services for small businesses.

Certification and Awards

A SSAE 16 & ISAE 3402 certified organization with ISO 27001/2013 Standards, Paysquare featured among India’s 20 most promising compliance companies Featured by CIO Review for its outstanding contribution in the field of risk, compliance and governance.

Paysquare CEO, Mr. Rakesh Jain, received Sarathi-IT award, felicitated for his outstanding contribution in the field of information technology (IT).

Paysquare CEO, Mr. Rakesh Jain, received IT-Technovation award 2012 from Indira Group of Institutes (IGI), felicitated for his outstanding contribution in the field of information technology (IT).

Similar to Paysquare, Intero also offers reliable payroll services. The company is currently catering to several clients in government, manufacturing, hospitality, real-estate and infrastructure industries.

TopSource is another payroll expert offering comprehensive services. They won the coveted Service Provider of the Year award, by Pay & Benefits Magazine in March 2014.


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10 Signs To Look Out For In The Right Cloud Payroll Software

10 Signs To Look Out For In The Right Cloud Payroll Software

Cloud payroll software is the primary reason behind the decline of traditional, painstakingly manual payrolls, obviously for good reason — they’re repetitive, complicated and prone to human error.

If you are tired of slogging your way through payroll by hand, it might be time pass the tedious task off to a cloud payroll software service. Switching to a cloud-based payroll solution not only reduces costs, but minimize mistakes and frees up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

Image result for did you know icon

As a business owner, you might feel like you are doing all the giving during the holidays. Customers might ask for more inventory and better deals. Your employees might want time off or a holiday party. And, you are trying to find time for your family’s holiday events between busy workweeks.

Take a moment to get yourself something. Give yourself the gift of less paperwork and more time to grow your business. You need a basic payroll software solution – A Cloud Based Payroll Solutions


Why Your Business Needs Cloud Based Payroll Software?

An efficient payroll system contributes to the employees’ productivity and morale. It also spares the company from lawsuits and hefty fines. Research shows that a faulty payroll system may cost 40% of small businesses almost $1,000 a year. 


Image result for benefits of cloud software

Cloud based software allows you to be more flexible with where you do payroll. You store payroll information online. Cloud-based software gives you the freedom to access payroll from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Cloud payroll software can be a low-cost, time-saving way to do payroll.


10 Signs To Look Out For In Right Cloud Payroll Software:


 1. cloud payroll software   Cloud based and rock solid security

All the benefits of 24/7 anywhere access on any device with automatic updates taken care of for you, along with taking care of all the backups in data centers across offering you ultimate data security peace of mind.


2. payroll cloud   Real time information – Keeping it simple

Cloud based payroll software should be offering integration capabilities, such as linking the system to leave applications, timekeeping, overtime pay rates etc. This not only saves a lot of payroll processing time from having to manually input the necessary payroll information but provides real time information in one click.


3. Image result for backup icon  Constant backups

Let’s face it: backing up your payroll data is a bit of a pain. That’s why constant backups offered by cloud based payroll software are the most preferred thing by the entrepreneurs. Cloud based payroll software offers facility of automated backups of your payroll data. You don’t have to do anything to back up your data: the backup process starts from the moment you sign up.

If something goes horribly wrong – say, if you delete an employee or remove your business’s entire payroll history – you can easily restore that data.


4.  Image result for interface icon  Easy interfaces and shallow learning curves

Cloud based payroll software offer an excellent user interface. The UI is polished, easy-to-use, and features a small learning curve. After just two or three payroll periods, running payroll should be easy.

You can run payroll yourself or teach an employee to run payroll for your company. The easy UI frees up time for your business and frees you from the clunky payroll systems of ages past.


5. Image result for automatic tax filing icon  Guarantees you tax accuracy

Cloud based payroll software should be offering tax guarantees ensuring that you will never be assessed a tax penalty. It is a huge advantage that ensures complete accuracy with every form you submitted.
Payroll on Cloud  guarantees accurate tax returns for all the users; providing peace of mind to business owners and protects you from all payroll tax penalties. Messing up payroll tax automatically results in a 5% to 10% penalty against your business. However, you may also be eligible for a further tax penalty which needs to be paid by both the employer and the employee.

6.   payroll on cloud software File tax forms electronically

Cloud based payroll software makes it easy filing your taxes electronically. Payroll on cloud reminds you when your taxes are due. Many cloud based payroll services completes the tasks using the employee information that you have provided. This means less time worrying about tax season and more time running your business.

The penalties for late tax filing can be steep; notifications will never let you miss your tax filing deadlines.

7. Image result for payroll on mobile icon Mobile access

A right cloud payroll software should be offering payroll access on the go. Serving both the company and employees, managers and payroll teams can run payroll and view reports while out of the office, while employees can manage their personal information, view their pay stubs and verify their hours worked. The added benefit is freeing up the burden on HR staff for forms and tasks that can be addressed individually by the employee.

8.  Image result for accounting software icon   Accounting integration

With proper integration, accounting teams can save hours of wasted time of double data entry. Simply click the import button for the current payroll period and the right cloud payroll system should automatically update your books.

Not only automation integration feature save time, but it also adds peace of mind — without manual data entry, the chances of miscalculations, transposed numbers or other “uh-oh” moments are non-existent.

9. Image result for easy setup icon   Minimal setup process

If you are hiring an accountant, you may need to spend days teaching that accountant about your unique systems and processes. Cloud based payroll software, saves you from this hassle; no setup process required: in fact, you don’t even need to download software.

Your all payroll processing takes place over the Internet. After creating your account, you simply add employees, enter hours every payroll period, and run payroll and its done.  You don’t need any special equipment in your office, nor do you need to spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with the software.

10.  Image result for customer service icon  Amazing customer services

Your payroll needs will grow proportionate to your business and staff growth, so you’ll want to make sure that your cloud payroll software vendor offers best­-in­-class online support, and has highly trained telephone support for all your queries.

To ensure that the vendor can handle your needs over the long haul, ask which added services can be offered over time and for how much.



11.Image result for benefits of cloud softwareSwitch To An Efficient Cloud Payroll Software

‘Time is money,’ and the big advantage of a payroll automation system is this: what are you doing if your payroll is not automated? You’re getting this all on paper or e-mailing around Excel spreadsheets. That’s time consuming and there is a much higher chance of errors in the calculations. And if you pay people incorrectly, you can face enormous penalties.

Get easy,  quick and worry free cloud based payroll solutions for your business

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Top 5 Tips On How To Generate Fresh Business Leads Every Day – Business Leads Experts

Top 5 Tips On How To Generate Fresh Business Leads Every Day – Business Leads Experts

B2B lead generation marketing has always been very interesting, simply because it involves meeting the needs of more than one business at a time, and to achieve that, you have to make that extra effort of maintaining a great personal relationship with all of them.

Marketers are always doing great to create brand awareness, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to just one thing – B2B Lead Generation. Leads are the lifeblood of any company, but coming up with new ideas for how to increase business leads can be a challenge.

#1. Achieve More With Content Marketing

Content Marketing is believed to be the best one when it comes to generating Business leads and also helpful in  creating brand awareness. To make your content rich, you can engage your targeted audience by publishing, Content may include blog posts, images, videos, infographics, and much more.

You may generate great content, but it will be of no use, if it doesn’t reach the right people. So, equal time should be devoted to content promotion, as done while curating it.


#2. Potentials Of Email Marketing

There has been a lot of myths that email marketing is a blunder a span – it is an old school approach of b2b lead generation. No matter what they say, email marketing is effective in bringing results.  As per the recent survey  55% of the marketers feel email marketing is a top tactic in getting fresh leads for B2B segment.

Image result for email marketing

image source:General Assembly

All you have to do is target the  right prospects, with the right message. Using various marketing automation tools to send personalized emails, which helps in doubling your chances of getting business leads.


#3. Social Media Marketing

Calling social media an effective business lead generation strategy is a controversial discussion to be starting.

While social media scored very well on both of the aforementioned ‘studies’, it is easy to find reports where social media channels are regarded as the one of the best effective business lead generation strategies.

B2B content marketing

image source:www.ventureharbour.com

The bottom line is, social media is not inherently a poor channel for B2B lead generation. The reason social media is at times poorly rated because most B2B companies have an ill-fitting social media strategy, to put it politely.

While tens of thousands of companies blast out self-promotional drivel, a minority of businesses use it generate and nurture millions of bucks worth of leads.

One of the most obvious ways to generate B2B leads from social media is using LinkedIn. Join the groups and communities, where your potential customers are expected to be, answer their queries. If you’re doing it properly, people will like you, and refer you to those, who are really in need of your services.

#4. Mobile Marketing Is In

In 2014, Mobile users surpassed desktop in terms of global usage. It has been witnessed that people are spending 3 hours more per day on their smart phones, to the point where time spent on mobile is about to beat time spent watching TV. There is absolutely no doubt that marketers need to invest in the mobile space. Consumers now rely on their mobile devices for entertainment, research, e-commerce, social engagement, or simply to pass the time.



Image result for mobile marketing

image source:Ingenia Direct s.r.l.


In 2017 it is  predicted that Facebook ’s revenue from mobile ads will grow to nearly 30 billion bucks. This is incredible growth considering the fact that Facebook only launched mobile ads a few years back. An obvious reason for this growth is the increase in mobile advertising budgets, consistent with the rise in mobile usage.

#5. Seminars & Webinars Speaks A Lot

For most Business leads generation environments, one of the most effective technique involves face-to-face education through seminars and webinars. When your prospects get to see and hear that you provide valuable advice, instant affinity usually follows.

Image result for seminar and webinar marketing

image source:Larry Jacob Internet Marketing

If you are manage to provide a solution for the particular challenges they are struggling with, you’ll be sure to build strong relationships with your audience and position your brand as a thought-leader and an industry expert.

Plus, from a content creation standpoint, the ongoing seminar or webinar series you create can also be turned into a powerful trust-building asset.