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Running Payroll Yourself Can Be Risky- Trust PaySquare

Running Payroll Yourself Can Be Risky- Trust PaySquare


Even the most experienced and meticulous business owner finds that payroll can be a headache. Slap on a stiff penalty for the tax filing omission, and now we are talking about full blown financial induced migraine.

For many businesses, outsourcing payroll services offer attractive and valuable insights to in-house processing. If chosen correctly, they offer a less expensive, simpler means of paying your employees, filing your taxes and performing a host of other duties these companies sales representatives cannot wait to tell you about.

Payroll being an important function for any organization requires specialization and a clear understanding of applicable laws in processing the payroll of the employees. PaySquare’s dedicated team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of methods relating to payroll processing can offer you full-fledged payroll services for your all employees and top management.

Describe the business

For over 14 years, Paysquare has been focused on simplifying payroll and offering exemplary services in payroll outsourcing and related compliance matters to its clients spread across various regions. Paysquare, an ISO 27001 as well as ISAE 3402 – SSAE 16 certified company headquartered in Pune with its presence in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mysore.

Paysquare is proud to be serving 450+ clients across India and a few international locations. Currently Paysquare processes over 1, 50,000 payroll records every month.

What kind of clients/industry you have been working in the last 6 months?

 We have been servicing clients across various industry segments like manufacturing, IT and ITES, automobile, education, hotel, pharmaceutical etc.

What makes your products or services excellent? You can list few USPs

 The main characteristic of Paysquare which differentiates it from other payroll companies is our ability to simplify payroll operations. Whether it’s a start up or large organization with presence across multiple cities we make payroll management easy for each one of them.

Few of our USPs

  • Impeccable service and excellent client relationships
  • Highly customizable and robust ‘Precision’ software platform
  • Highly adjustable to various/complex payroll requirements
  • Self-service tool ‘myPayroll’ to maintain transparency throughout the organization

What were the business hurdles when you started the company, and how did you improve the turnover?

Paysquare’s’ journey started 15 years ago with a small team operating from a small set up.

As every start up faces different challenges we also faced almost the same challenges while we were moving ahead but we always saw the those hurdles as improvement opportunities.

At the start many of our processes were manual and labor intensive but later we invested in technology and bought automation which increased our payroll efficiency.

With the technology we were able to manage complex payroll requirements of our clients as well. Our robust payroll engine ‘Precision’ and online payroll portal ‘myPayroll’ started getting us industry accolades and acknowledgement.

The organization has seen sea changes in functions, systems and processes which impacted very positively. It has been backed with a strong technological advancement which has taken the organization to new heights.

How did you transform your business from start-up to a successful one?

Taking a small business to the next level requires hard work, perseverance, great customer service and a good product or service. There is no specific turning point in Paysquare’s journey, at every point of time we are only thinking of continuously reinventing/ improving our services, bringing in best practices, advanced technology continue to drive efficient payroll for our clients.

For any business to succeed first you must realize you can’t do it on your own; you need a good team around you. Since inception Paysquare always believed in team work. We work in team & nurture our talent so they can also excel in their career. And having a team to manage tasks always freed up management to focus on business growth.

Describe why this company is the best example of business excellence. Do mention if you engage in social activities/CSR as a part of your business. 

For every organization it is mandatory to have a well-managed and compliant payroll.

But the level of complexity in payroll management is different for different companies. Paysquare always worked with a motto to simplify payroll operations for its clients. The experience of working with clients across different industry segments and with different number of employees made us know every minute detail in payroll management. Over the 15 years we always pushed our limits in terms of technology, automation, process efficiency and customer service. Our sole focus to eliminate hassles in payroll management for our clients made us excel.

Have you made a positive impact within your industry? If yes, how?

 While looking back, we feel that Paysquare has made a huge difference in the payroll outsourcing industry. Our standards and consistency have inspired several other service providers and the industry has overall benefitted with better services offered by us.

Paysquare will continue bring in more and more innovations in payroll management and continue to excel. Paysquare is here to create and deliver lasting value.

 Do you offer a superior level of customer service? If yes, how?

 Our services are highly valued by the clients. As a testimony to the value that we deliver, I am happy to state that many of our clients have been with us for over five years now.

Payroll duties can create a huge burden and unwanted stress for the small business owners. A missed deadline or incorrect filing of the taxes can result in huge fines. To avoid these issues, small and medium sized businesses can benefit from using payroll services.


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10 Signs To Look Out For In The Right Cloud Payroll Software

10 Signs To Look Out For In The Right Cloud Payroll Software

Cloud payroll software is the primary reason behind the decline of traditional, painstakingly manual payrolls, obviously for good reason — they’re repetitive, complicated and prone to human error.

If you are tired of slogging your way through payroll by hand, it might be time pass the tedious task off to a cloud payroll software service. Switching to a cloud-based payroll solution not only reduces costs, but minimize mistakes and frees up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

Image result for did you know icon

As a business owner, you might feel like you are doing all the giving during the holidays. Customers might ask for more inventory and better deals. Your employees might want time off or a holiday party. And, you are trying to find time for your family’s holiday events between busy workweeks.

Take a moment to get yourself something. Give yourself the gift of less paperwork and more time to grow your business. You need a basic payroll software solution – A Cloud Based Payroll Solutions


Why Your Business Needs Cloud Based Payroll Software?

An efficient payroll system contributes to the employees’ productivity and morale. It also spares the company from lawsuits and hefty fines. Research shows that a faulty payroll system may cost 40% of small businesses almost $1,000 a year. 


Image result for benefits of cloud software

Cloud based software allows you to be more flexible with where you do payroll. You store payroll information online. Cloud-based software gives you the freedom to access payroll from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Cloud payroll software can be a low-cost, time-saving way to do payroll.


10 Signs To Look Out For In Right Cloud Payroll Software:


 1. cloud payroll software   Cloud based and rock solid security

All the benefits of 24/7 anywhere access on any device with automatic updates taken care of for you, along with taking care of all the backups in data centers across offering you ultimate data security peace of mind.


2. payroll cloud   Real time information – Keeping it simple

Cloud based payroll software should be offering integration capabilities, such as linking the system to leave applications, timekeeping, overtime pay rates etc. This not only saves a lot of payroll processing time from having to manually input the necessary payroll information but provides real time information in one click.


3. Image result for backup icon  Constant backups

Let’s face it: backing up your payroll data is a bit of a pain. That’s why constant backups offered by cloud based payroll software are the most preferred thing by the entrepreneurs. Cloud based payroll software offers facility of automated backups of your payroll data. You don’t have to do anything to back up your data: the backup process starts from the moment you sign up.

If something goes horribly wrong – say, if you delete an employee or remove your business’s entire payroll history – you can easily restore that data.


4.  Image result for interface icon  Easy interfaces and shallow learning curves

Cloud based payroll software offer an excellent user interface. The UI is polished, easy-to-use, and features a small learning curve. After just two or three payroll periods, running payroll should be easy.

You can run payroll yourself or teach an employee to run payroll for your company. The easy UI frees up time for your business and frees you from the clunky payroll systems of ages past.


5. Image result for automatic tax filing icon  Guarantees you tax accuracy

Cloud based payroll software should be offering tax guarantees ensuring that you will never be assessed a tax penalty. It is a huge advantage that ensures complete accuracy with every form you submitted.
Payroll on Cloud  guarantees accurate tax returns for all the users; providing peace of mind to business owners and protects you from all payroll tax penalties. Messing up payroll tax automatically results in a 5% to 10% penalty against your business. However, you may also be eligible for a further tax penalty which needs to be paid by both the employer and the employee.

6.   payroll on cloud software File tax forms electronically

Cloud based payroll software makes it easy filing your taxes electronically. Payroll on cloud reminds you when your taxes are due. Many cloud based payroll services completes the tasks using the employee information that you have provided. This means less time worrying about tax season and more time running your business.

The penalties for late tax filing can be steep; notifications will never let you miss your tax filing deadlines.

7. Image result for payroll on mobile icon Mobile access

A right cloud payroll software should be offering payroll access on the go. Serving both the company and employees, managers and payroll teams can run payroll and view reports while out of the office, while employees can manage their personal information, view their pay stubs and verify their hours worked. The added benefit is freeing up the burden on HR staff for forms and tasks that can be addressed individually by the employee.

8.  Image result for accounting software icon   Accounting integration

With proper integration, accounting teams can save hours of wasted time of double data entry. Simply click the import button for the current payroll period and the right cloud payroll system should automatically update your books.

Not only automation integration feature save time, but it also adds peace of mind — without manual data entry, the chances of miscalculations, transposed numbers or other “uh-oh” moments are non-existent.

9. Image result for easy setup icon   Minimal setup process

If you are hiring an accountant, you may need to spend days teaching that accountant about your unique systems and processes. Cloud based payroll software, saves you from this hassle; no setup process required: in fact, you don’t even need to download software.

Your all payroll processing takes place over the Internet. After creating your account, you simply add employees, enter hours every payroll period, and run payroll and its done.  You don’t need any special equipment in your office, nor do you need to spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with the software.

10.  Image result for customer service icon  Amazing customer services

Your payroll needs will grow proportionate to your business and staff growth, so you’ll want to make sure that your cloud payroll software vendor offers best­-in­-class online support, and has highly trained telephone support for all your queries.

To ensure that the vendor can handle your needs over the long haul, ask which added services can be offered over time and for how much.



11.Image result for benefits of cloud softwareSwitch To An Efficient Cloud Payroll Software

‘Time is money,’ and the big advantage of a payroll automation system is this: what are you doing if your payroll is not automated? You’re getting this all on paper or e-mailing around Excel spreadsheets. That’s time consuming and there is a much higher chance of errors in the calculations. And if you pay people incorrectly, you can face enormous penalties.

Get easy,  quick and worry free cloud based payroll solutions for your business

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