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How SMEs Can Reduce Their Pain Points Implementing HRMS Software

How SMEs Can Reduce Their Pain Points Implementing HRMS Software

Human Resource carries a huge responsibility in any organization. It’s an integral part of the company and plays crucial role so that organization remains productive. However; HR professionals are the ones who constantly faces criticism and not to mention the profile they lead have obvious “pain points”.  Implementing HRMS Software can certainly reduces these on-going challenges; moreover keep motivating your employees.

Significant pain-points which HR department faces when not implementing HRMS software

1.Retention & Recruitment

Younger workers are less loyal than baby boomers to their employers. The younger generation wants career flexibility and will readily leave for a better offer.

  • Retention is difficult when a company can’t match pay and benefits with those of competitors. Surprisingly, one HR director improved retention by allowing some employees to wear flip-flops to work.

  • Employees often leave because they don’t feel valued. HR must strive to hire supportive managers.

  • It’s difficult to recruit and retain applicants that have a positive attitude, are a “fit” with the corporate culture, and will take ownership of their work.


The Remedy

When you are implementing HRMS Software, you have no idea how much relieved you are with the retention and on-boarding tasks. The software gives you accurate data and information so that you employ the right kind of people and ensure that they stay happy and satisfied at the workplace.

Implementing HRMS Software you can make informed hiring decisions. You can:

  • Take the guesswork out of interviewing potential hires.

  • Schedule interviewers with prep notes and questions.

  • Create customizable offer letters and generate pre-filled offers. Stop wasting time scanning/emailing offer letters.

  • Use applicant tracking software to fine tune your recruiting strategy, expose problems and refocus your hiring efforts

  • Your entire recruitment process can be benchmarked gaining important recruiting insights with the industry’s first big data tool.


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Top 5 Reasons To Integrate HRMS Software To Reduce Your HR Burden

Top 5 Reasons To Integrate HRMS Software To Reduce Your HR Burden

Are you using HRMS Software? Guess no. You have no idea how it will beneficial integrating HRMS Software in your present system and whether it is worth the cost or not. With no clarity on how it works and the advantages associated with HRMS Software – it seems like an alien concept to you. With companies adopting the newest technological changes to their HR and Payroll; you are still to upgrade.

Well, not surprising!! It’s just not you are left out to integrate HRMS Software, but there are many businesses including small and startups which are yet to implement automated HR systems. But that’s OK- Better late than never. However; it is also tough to take a call when it comes to HRMS Software Solutions; as market is literally swamped with best CLOUD HR software. Does it convince you now of implementing best cloud based HR system? If you are questioning the need for this type of integration best HRMS Software, here are top 5 reasons to consider it:

1. Say Bye To The Paperwork

2. Building Trust With Employees

3.  Get Maximum Returns From Your HR Department

4. Accuracy At Its Best

5. Decision Making Effectiveness

Benefits Of Integrating HRMS Software Into Your System

If you are keen to improve your workforce performance, it is important that you consider integrating HRMS software equipped with KEY MODULES, or else you may end up paying more hindering your organization’s productivity. Organizations that adopts to integrate HRMS Software from a expert Payroll & HR Software making company like Single Point HR, will be able enjoy below mentioned positive outcomes:


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How Interbiz HRMS Solutions Helps Streamline Your HR Processes And Is The Best Bet For Small Businesses & Startups

How Interbiz HRMS Solutions Helps Streamline Your HR Processes And Is The Best Bet For Small Businesses & Startups

Everyone is shifting from old legacy payroll systems to the new HRMS solutions… and 24 HRM -an automated solution from Interbiz is the fastest growing HR automation company with modern HRMS, and workforce management solutions. Because, unlike old companies — who are trying to fit new age thinking on their old systems– we have created the HRMS platform with progressive and futuristic HR beliefs. The automation is created, not to bundle up features, but to respond quickly and smoothly to all kinds of complex HR scenarios. Features? Everything that you need, and much more. Interbiz HRMS Software 24 HRM, automates anything & everything in HR. From HR process automation to HR workflows, HRO to payroll processing & compliance.

HR At Your Fingertips

When it comes to selecting a good Human Resource Management System (HRMS), it is essential to explore the market extensively to ensure you find something that corresponds to your HR needs. Bear in mind the system you choose should have all the important features that can help the HR department in managing Human Resources related tasks, while streamlining processes with automated services.

Bringing industry best practices to your HR functions, 24 HRM lets you assess and utilize your human resource potential completely. The benefits you can see are:

  • Increases the operational efficiency and productivity of your HR department

  • Reduces HR administrative costs

  • Increases employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Ensures seamless flow of information between employees, supervisors, managers and administrators

  • Improves leadership development and succession

  • Enhances data integrity within the enterprise

  • Enables you to meet compliance and audit requirements

  • Enables you to view graphical analysis of data using the analytical widgets

Implementing 24 HRM software of Interbiz could be the simplest yet fastest way to maximize your employee outcomes. It does so by classifying the employees as assets and measures their quantifiable value based on their skills and talents. By using 24 HRM You will be able to generate current values and enhance the future values by specific investments. It provides your organization with:

  • Scalability to match your organization’s growth

  • Real time, sophisticated workforce analytics for strategic decision making

  • Ready to use reporting capability

  • Innovative and customizable work flows to build a core foundation of your HR data and processes

Why 24 HRM Software? Choice Is Easy…

 24 HRM comes equipped with a complete HRMS Solutions that automates the functional needs of HR management from letters to files to skills. It is a user friendly payroll software that is comprehensively built with updated features. This highly automated software lets you manage your reimbursements without any hassles. 24-7 HRM is a comprehensive software for India that maintains salary information and settings, taking inputs from various sources and produces 100% accurate payroll. It helps build employee morale & satisfaction & enhances the company’s image and brand. The software generates accurate reports that satisfies HR requirements.


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8 Crucial Tips To Choose Right HRMS Software For Your Business

8 Crucial Tips To Choose Right HRMS Software For Your Business

If you are considering implementing HRMS Software, you don’t have to be a software expert, but it’s up to you to champion the possibility. If your current tools were meeting your needs, you wouldn’t be thinking about replacing them. To gain the backing you need within your organization, you need to identify what is lacking in your current setup and how your company will benefit from HR Software solutions.

Implementing a new HR Software is not something you do it often, but you certainly want to do it right. Proper planning can help ensure a savvy system choice that will support your organization for years to come.

Fortunately, there are guidelines to help you navigate the terrain of HRMS software purchasing.

#1.  Do Smart Shop When It Comes To Buying HRMS Software

Before you begin looking, educate yourself. You need to have a solid understanding of the features and functionality available, and how they will meet the needs of your organization. Become familiar with your company’s existing software. What does it do well? More importantly, what could it do better?

Spend some time talking to your team, salespeople, and vendors to determine your software needs. Focus on the needs of the people who will be using the software and the expectation of the people who will be making decisions based on how well the software performs. Ask plenty of questions, such as:

  • Do we need a program that is Windows based or web-enabled?

  • Should it be hosted or do we want to purchase it and install it on our network?

  • Does the company need time collection? Many programs now have integrated applications to track time records for payroll. Some programs allow you to import time records from your current time collection system.

  • Do we need to track employee benefits? Benefits such as accrued vacation and sick time can be tracked and managed with the right program.

  • Do we have any special payroll needs? Will we need to export payroll data? Are there any garnishment issues or other complications we will need to manage?

  • Do we require training management? Determine if the company would benefit from an application with the ability to track, record and schedule employee coursework.

  • What do we need in terms of reporting? Reports may be simple, or they may be complicated, so you will need to find a program that meets your requirements.

#2.  Consider Integration Of Various HR Modules

Once you have created a list of your organization’s HR requirements, talk to various vendors and check how you can integrate the various modules that you specifically require for your organization. To begin with, make a list of all the available modules in the market, and check which can be included for your business’ unique requirements.

#3.   Focus On Leading Software Technology in HR

It’s also important that you research a little on the leading technologies that are used for this software. Check out software that uses the more advanced forms of technology such as direct access, mobile technology, and social media. Make sure that the software you select is in line with the latest technology to avoid an immediate upgrade in the near future.

#4.  Customized Modules As Per Your Business Requirements

Well, although there are some standard processes, each organization has a unique way of functioning. They run their departments as per their business logic and their business requirements. So, the ability to customize is an important factor in any HRMS system.

#5.  Software Integration Capabilities

Over the years, your business has probably used a variety of software to handle multiple HR tasks. While an HRMS product many are able to replace many of these outdated systems, it should also be able to quickly integrate with them to make downtime less of an issue.


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How Having An HRMS System Benefits Your Organization

How Having An HRMS System Benefits Your Organization

For any business to succeed, its HRMS system plays a crucial role. With the advent of globalization and digitalization, the workforce has become so diverse that it has become next to impossible to manage them effectively without the help of human resource management solutions. This is more so if your business is a startup as hiring and retaining your employees amidst the market competition and employee expectations will surely be a challenge.

When this is the case for employee engagement, think of all the mundane activities your HR team would be doing on a daily basis. Don’t you think it is a bit unfair if they are expected to do everything manually in a fast-paced, digitally-powered business place? We knew you would agree. HRMS systemcan be a boon to any business irrespective of the size and employee strength.

Human resource management system software can help you in managing your talent pool more effectively without duplication and redundancy. Now that is what you would call a smart work right? With a proper HRMS system in place, we are looking at zero paperwork and paper trail, larger talent pool, quicker hiring process and on boarding, efficient learning and development process, improved collaboration between teams, optimization of scheduling and a focus on compliance and better distribution of work.

Intrigued? You must be! In this blog, we would help you understand what an effective HRMS system can do for your business and why your business is absolutely incomplete without one.

HRMS system and its benefits for your business

An HRMS system for your organization can help you advance and optimize your talent management process efficiently and seamlessly. Let us understand how

1.    Automating processes

Who would not like a bit of digitalization in their day-to-day activities? Typical activities like hiring, onboarding, payroll management, employee details updations, employee engagement and performance tracking, and attendance and shift management consume a lot of time and are difficult to keep track of on an everyday basis. However, by investing in an online hr system for small business, you would basically be finishing off the whole load of work in a matter of one or two hours. This would leave your HR team with quality time to focus on key business activities like process improvements, improving employee efficiency, and employee training which would help in business advancements.

2.    Remote Accessibility and Self Service

Most of the times it so happens that an HR personnel starts accumulating task load in case of any offshore travel or emergency leaves. Finishing all that can even take a month, and that would result in a dip in his/her productivity. How good would it be if the HR personnel can get virtual access to their office work which they can complete at their leisure? Also, these HRMS systems empower their employees with a self-service option. This literally translates to a lesser workload on the HR team. Employees can just log in to their account from anywhere and get the support they need without having to run to the HR department every time.


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Top 5 Recommended Recruitment Process Outsourcing Agencies in India

Top 5 Recommended Recruitment Process Outsourcing Agencies in India

Recruiting and retaining top-quality candidates in an aggressively competitive world is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful business. Recruitment process outsourcing agencies can offer you the best solution for such a critical business need. Choosing a professional recruitment agency whose approach and values complement with that of your own company can highly benefit your business.

By streamlining the recruitment process, introducing best practice, appropriate technology and removing any unnecessary procedures, companies can increase transparency of their hiring across the business and significantly reduce recruitment costs. Hiring managers who are pressed for time to fill a position, or have a large number of candidates to sift through, may not necessarily take a look at the qualities that determine whether or not the new hire will stick with the position. While for recruitment process outsourcing agencies, this is the main purpose. They invest their time, energy and resources into sourcing, screening and presenting the cream of the crop in terms of available talent to the client.

Recruitment process outsourcing solutions can usually be customized. Every recruitment outsourcing solution is flexible depending on your needs. You are provided with the recruitment process outsourcing agencies’ recruiters, technology, methodologies and reporting. In fact, you can even have a dedicated onsite recruiter.

Top 5 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Agencies in India

As one of the fastest-growing staffing solutions in India, recruitment process outsourcing has gained a lot of attention from companies looking to make the most of their hiring cost. With a more customized approach to sourcing, screening, recruiting, and on-boarding qualified candidates, even senior-level positions can be filled quickly and efficiently. Recruitment process outsourcing agencies manage and carry out the entire recruitment process from start to finish, including sourcing, screening, and recruiting the best talent.

Here we list for you the top 5 recruitment process outsourcing agencies that have been offering superior services and reliable solutions to small businesses and startups in India:

1) mCorp Management Services

mCorp Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions are designed with the need of clients who need to complete the recruitment process but do not have all the internal HR systems in place, or are in quick ramp-up situations, where the existing internal HR team needs support from external Talent Management partners to complete the hiring process without losing any time or money.

One of the best five recruitment process outsourcing agencies in India, mCorp RPO solutions help clients achieve improvement in four areas of quality, cost, service, and speed. They work closely with organizations to meet their recruitment needs by managing their end to end recruitment process with a special accent on excellence and speed. Their range of solutions encompasses mapping the business requirement, advertisement management, event planning & support, applicant response management, resume scanning, resume scanning, offer management, information management & applicant tracking system, and process analytics.

2) Corporate Care

Corporate Care is a highly reliable recruitment solutions provider in the Indian market. Established in September 2011, Corporate Care is the brand name for Rp Corporate Management Pvt. Ltd. A trusted partner to some of the country’s leading brands, Corporate Care is widely recognized for its customer-focused approach and high standards of business ethics.

Corporate Care offers end-to-end corporate solutions for recruitment & background check, payroll management, human resource training & development, accounting, finance, taxation, banking, legal, project funding, project management, market research, bookkeeping, project management, international business set-up, business process management, and information technology.

3) Archsys Solutions

Archsys is a consulting firm founded in 2011 when infrastructure SMEs and architects pooled their resources together in order to be able to hire the brightest minds from the infrastructure market. Archsys has built up its reputation by finding and providing desired quality candidates that large enterprise companies require. From Program Management to Help Desk Analysts, they are able to recruit the best talent from any field.

4) Sigma HR Solutions

Sigma HR Solutions is one of the top professional recruitment process outsourcing agencies that is well-known in the market for delivering excellent results. Sigma HR Solutions was established in the year 2011. They are the leading recruitment consulting company empowering reputed organizations with highly efficient human resources.

Sigma HR Solutions provides strategic recruitment solutions to corporate clients functioning in the fields of IT, BPO,ITeS, Telecom, Engineering, Infrastructure, Pharma, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Education, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment. One of their core strength is building long term relationships with their clients. They learn their client’s culture and understand the type of person who is the best fit to be effective in that environment.

5) Synergeia Business Consulting

Synergia Business Consulting Firm is one reliable and innovative solution provider offering excellent services related to human capital management and strategic business management. Synergeia is based out of Mumbai, India, offering strategic consulting services throughout India.

Synergeia Business Consulting aims to be a single platform to customers looking for partners who can serve as a launch pad to businesses looking for complete human resource solutions under one roof. Synergeia functions as internal partners collaborating with the in-house teams, to understand the business objectives and further translating the same into the right framework HCM Services including designing organization structures, managing employee conduct and relations, performance appraisals, employee records, key operation procedures induction formalities, organizational policies and many more.

Afterthought… READ MORE


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Take Your HR To The Cloud – Simplify Your HR Tasks

Take Your HR To The Cloud – Simplify Your HR Tasks

Want to simplify your HR?  In today’s HR landscape, desktop software is on the way out, with businesses preferring more flexible cloud solutions, bringing their HR software on cloud.

HR Software and HR systems are complicated. Because navigating functionality and mining data can be difficult with most HR systems, Modern HR organizations today are searching for ways to streamline.

As this blog has discussed before, cloud software is a popular choice for businesses concerned about costs, security, and the ability to scale to meet future growth.


Simplify your HR

image source

Here are 5 significant reasons that inspire the need to

Simplify your HR

#1. Access To Global Engagement On The Go

Running a successful HR department can cost a lot of money, which is why around 50% of companies outsource at least part of their HR needs. This allows smaller companies to hire world-class experts for a reasonable price. To simplify your HR; Cloud-based HR systems allow managers to connect with each employee individually, and easily customize the engagement with offices in different geographi… READ MORE


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